Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can you guess what these are??

All Cities Need these

They Hang up high...

They blink Off and On

...I often run right through them when they are red!! :)

They are almost done.  We are making 10 of these.  I know you can't wait to see them finished.

We also finished the BASE to the Center Pieces.  All they need is Glitter and stars...

 Wait till you see them finished they are going to be soooo cool!!
-Till tomorrow!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

And in the Begginning

How Do you Build New York City Times Square in an LDS Cultural Hall?  
Follow along and you will see!

Bribe a master Architect (my dad)  to come build for 2 weeks.  
(all it takes is a bat of the eyes and a never ending supply of mixed nuts)

STEP 2:  Buy lots of wood at wholesale price (YAY Sharon!)

STEP 3:  All cities have a little bit of blood and soul in every step.  

STEP 4:  ... just wait till you see what we have in store.  

I am so excited for this project.  Dad and I have been so busy talking, planning, scheming and getting it all worked out.  I love this kind of stuff and I love doing it for people.  I was a little overwhelmed when they asked me to decorate for Our Prom.  This is a great opportunity for our Youth to go to Prom with out having to face the immoral, atrocious activities that can go on at Proms these days.  It involves 6 different stakes in our area and LOTS & LOTS of Youth to impress.  So hold on tight.  This will be a fun ride!!