Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can you guess what these are??

All Cities Need these

They Hang up high...

They blink Off and On

...I often run right through them when they are red!! :)

They are almost done.  We are making 10 of these.  I know you can't wait to see them finished.

We also finished the BASE to the Center Pieces.  All they need is Glitter and stars...

 Wait till you see them finished they are going to be soooo cool!!
-Till tomorrow!


  1. WHO ARE YOU? Where do you get these ideas? You know that little voice that tells others that something is too much? YOU DON"T HAVE THAT!
    Okay, so one day when I direct a cool show that needs a creative FUN set. Guess who is designing it? And guess who is building it?

  2. Jacki,

    I think you got a few extra doses of "Albiston blood". Actually it looks like "Shaffer Blood" is as lethal as the Albiston kind. Way to go Uncle Jack! I'm glad you have a willing partner in crime...

    You amaze me - and that you have time to post about it is extra impressive....

    I miss you. and love you!