Saturday, April 4, 2009


So Yesterday & today we started to build the Skyscrapers!!
We started with a blank slate..

Measured & Cut

SANDED With Roxy's help

It's starting to take shape.. We have about 12 of these that will go around the gym They will be painted black with Twinkle lights around the top.  They will also have "mirrored" square windows running down the front.!! COOL! 

Dad worked hard on the Mechanical stuff.  He Designed the Taxi Cab

Carly LOVED trying it out.  This is going to be painted yellow and have NYC Taxi on it with Black& white checkered trim.  It will look so cute.  The kids will be able to go behind and take pictures like they are sitting in a Taxi Cab.

We will have a Painting Party with the Youth to get it all painted.  Can't wait!! It is really coming together.

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